Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Texas Way of Attempting to Celebrate Fat Tuesday

Since I left the corporate world I have a tendency to forget about certain celebrations that happen in this huge world we live in. I would love to get myself in gear and make a conscious effort to begin to bring traditions related to certain celebrations into our home so that my girls can have awesome and fun family memories but at the same time learn.

The other day I walked into my girl's bedroom and my oldest said, 'Mommy, I am teaching Gia about Mari Gras (she said it with the 's').' She informed me that on Mardi Gras they wore awesome masks and beads. As she was educating me she was listening to a cable music channel that actually had Mardi Gras music and cool facts about the celebration.  It was after this conversation that I decided to try and have a mini Fat Tuesday celebration, but Texas style.

I cooked up some Jambalaya, but instead of using sausage I used turkey. Unfortunately, I was out of sausage and was too cheap to go to the store. SN- I secretly took out the red pepper chunk that is included in the rice mix. My husband did not say anything but instead grabbed the tabasco sauce and my oldest daughter LOVED it! 

I surprised my girls with a King Cake from HEB. I know to get the true experience of a King Cake I should have ordered one from a bakery, but this was last minute and like I said before, I can be cheap. Maybe next year I will have to try and make one from scratch. 

The girls were not a fan of the cake; they did not hate it but they did not rave over it. They complained of a jelly like flavor, but they liked the sugar. It is possible they were not a fan because it was store bought and did not have that fresh to order taste. 

My middle child was spirited and wore a purple, gold and green shirt along with the beads that came with the cake. I hot glued the 'baby' onto one of the bead strands to really add a Mardi Gras theme. I am sure she will have a lot of explaining to do at school with what that baby represents. 

Now I need to find a good King Cake recipe for next year.. must be prepared! 

Written by: Aimee Fauci


  1. I love that you all took part in the celebration. Your little one looks so festive and full of spunk.

  2. The kids are so cute. I'm sure they loved that king cake. We had a stew last night with creole seasonings, does that count as a celebration for Fat Tuesday?
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  3. How sweet! I love that pronunciation of Mardi Gras and I'm happy you all could have a mini celebration of your own!

  4. Awesome celebration for Mardi Gras. If you ever want to (next year), I can recommend some bakeries here in LA that you can order from and they usually arrive very fresh!

  5. What a fun idea!! I bet your girls will remember that...what a great tradition to start!!

  6. Awww your little ones are adorable!! Thank you for sharing :)