Wednesday, May 28, 2014

House of Fauci's Liebster Award Nomination

Liebster Award-- Hang on, let me Google that! 

Addie Danielle from Old World New Girl was kind enough to nominate little o' me for the Liebster Award and to that I say 'I accept and thank you!'. Side note, Addie Danielle and I share names! My middle name is Danielle! A week later Kathryn Leigh Baugher from Up To Date Interiors asked me also.. WOW I am either popular or they see my followers are low. 
  1. I was born and raised in Texas and I thank the Lord above for this! 
  2. In order for me to enjoy a drink it must be served in a Styrofoam cup- stays colder longer. 
  3. I could live off of cake. 
  4. I have 6 kids- 3 non bio and 3 bio. 2 grand kids as well and growing. 
  5. I have a fear of getting a 'gobbler' so I have been doing chin exercises since I was like 10 years old! (I kid you not!)
  6. I wish I could swim! 
  7. I sometimes miss working outside of my home but then really think about it and am grateful I can work in my home. 
  8. My taste buds are finally starting to grow up! I have learned to try and have actually enjoyed new foods lately. Still don't like the spice tho. 
  9. I  have been married to my husband for a very long time; 16 years + 3 years of being together = 19 years! 
  10. I believe the best movies are the movies made in the 80's and 90's. Hello.. Pretty in Pink, Poltergeist, and so many more! 
  11. I enjoy cooking and can't wait for my girls to one day appreciate good home made food.
Since Old World New Girl asked me first, I decided I would answer her questions- would hate to bore y'all. 
  1. If you could choose any country to live in, which would it be? I have to say I would insist on staying in the good ol USA! This is a wonderful country where we have so many freedoms! 
  2. Why do I blog? I began to blog when my good friend said I should. I said, 'No one will read it'. and she said that they would because I was funny. I actually love to write and love to share my thoughts.
  3. Vanilla, Chocolate or Cookies & Cream? Definitely Vanilla! Vanilla may sound boring but you can top it up with different flavors. 
  4. Beach, Lake or River? I hate sand, so I would have to say the lake. My girls and I have a new found love for fishing! 
  5. Metroplex, City, Small Town, Hillside or Countryside? Hands down Countryside! The peacefulness, the critters and the beauty of it are amazing. 
  6. What is your favorite TV show or Movie? That is a tough question because I watch so many shows but not sure if I have a favorite one. Oh wait, back up the truck... Little House on the Prairie. Call me old school, but I almost have the entire DVD collection and pray my girls will one day enjoy it with me. 
  7. Describe your dream house? My dream house has so much light! It also has a section for my kids, guests, and my husband and I. It has a hideaway for mama when she needs a break and the kitchen has so many cabinets that each pan and pot and glass bowl has its own shelf! 
  8. What is your super power *what you are really good at*? Multi tasking! Too often people ask me how I manage to get so much done. I multi task and just do it! 
  9. Your favorite meal to prepare, buy/ share? I seem to always cook a mixture of ground turkey, black beans, saute spinach, tomatoes and cheese. With this mixture I can do so much with it like add it to salad, top it on nachos or plop on a baked potato and it's super healthy. 
  10. Glitter, Gloss, or Matte? I may not be a girly girl, but I love my glitter. 
  11. Back Road muddin' or Water Theme Park? Well seeing how I don't swim, I will definitely take the Back Road Muddin' and it sounds fun!
  1. Your 'go to' drink?
  2. Favorite type of pizza?
  3. Your dream career- if there were no boundaries?
  4. When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
  5. Could you survive the Hunger Games?
  6. Where is the best place you have ever traveled?
  7. Would you rather travel by car, airplane, subway, bus or train?
  8. If you were a dwarf... which of Snow White's dwarfs would you be?
  9. Can you blow a double bubble?
  10. Have you ever been in a natural disaster?
  11. We ALL get jealous of something... what do you secretly get jealous about? (It's okay, it is natural)

  1. The Randomosity of Southern Fried Domestication
  2. Neatly Packaged
  3. Cosmos Mariners 
  4. Fit 2B Mommy
  5. The Lovely Photog
  6. Being Royalty
***to be continued..***


  1. Oh wow...Thank you! I feel really honored. I just started blogging. I totally agree with your answer to "Why do I blog?" You never realize how much others really listen to you until they say something. Lol.

  2. So many things I was saying me, too! Born and raised in Texas, don't like spicy foods, vanilla ice cream is the best (I prefer Blue Bell Vanilla Bean), and I love Pretty in Pink!

    1. I love Vanilla Bean... Something about that bean... mmmm hmmm

  3. People born and raised in TX are the best :)

  4. Congrats on your award! It was great getting to know you!

  5. Congratulations, honey!! How exciting! Loved the getting to know you questions and answers, too!

  6. How exciting! Great post! Congratulations on your award! What a fun way to get to know more about you. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Congrats! And I, too, do neck exercises to try and tame the gobbler! And if I ever get it, a quick lift will be in order! :)

    1. I am glad I am not the only one .. Gosh I hope these exercises work.

  8. Thanks for giving us an incite on who you are.. I always like learning about new people!

  9. Congrats! Hooray for you! And hooray for Little House on the Prairie! That was my favorite too and my mother tells me that I was named after Laura :)

  10. Aimee you are too awesome!! I loved reading all your answers :) I promise you give you equally great answers when I answer your questions :)

  11. Ahhhh- cake. YUM! Loved reading this!

  12. Chin exercise ..funny. I had a friend do finger exercises. My hubby believes the same about foam cups and I have been married 19 years too

  13. Congratulations, I was nominated twice. It's a fun way to meet and learn about new bloggers.

  14. Congrats to you! Awesome responses to those questions I feel like I know you better all ready. I am old school with my tv shows to I love me some Golden Girls although that isn't as old as Little House on the Prairie....LOL

  15. Mmmmmm Cake! I could live off cake too!

  16. Cake is pretty awesome. I could probably eat it for breakfast!