Family Life

Up close & personal with the  Fauci's:

I married into a ready made family and they said we wouldn't make it
Disney's Frozen- House of Fauci's Movie Night
Our Texas Way of Attempting to Celebrate Fat Tuesday
Meet Lexi, My CHD Hero
Did Someone Just Punch Me In the Gut, On No.. Wait They Just Told Me My Daughter.... 
Pack For The Unexpected When Staying With Your Child at the Hospital
My Baby Turns From a Blue Baby to a Pink Baby
Teachers of CHD Parents, Beware
The Birth of My Sweet Lexi, In Honor of CHD Awareness Week 
It's Not Always Rainbows and Butterflies 
Meet Bella, The House of Fauci's Farmhand
Liebster Award Nomination
The Girl Behind the Blog
Happy Father's Day to Daddy Fauci 2014 VLOG

 Fauci Discussions:

'American Girl' Dolls- A House of Fauci Discussion
Stop the Dinner Time Insanity

Fauci Flashbacks:

Flashback Friday 1/24/14
Flashback Friday 1/31/14
Flashback Friday 2/21/14
Flashback Friday 3/14/14
Baby Teeth- Flashback Friday 3/21/14

 Fauci Funnies:

Skin Color Envy
When it Comes to Exercising I Have ADD
Excuse Me Sir, Can You Take Our Picture
I Bet You Can't Top My Biggest Beauty Flaws
She Will Take The Lady Diana Hair Cut Please
Oh Dear God, What Did I Just Sit On
They Say I'm 25% Espanol But Someone Forgot to Tell My Taste Buds
Don't Judge, I Rescued a Dog and Gave it Back 
42 Days Clean and I Cracked
Out of the Mouths of Babes & Their Mamas
Coasterphobia, Yep I Suffer From It
Does This Happen In Your House?

Inspirational Thoughts:

Before You Post.. Ask Yourself... What Would My Mama Think 
The Importance of the Golden Rule

Pure Awesomeness:

The Perfect Mailbox

Finish This:

'Finish This' Week 16
'Finish This' Week 17
'Finish This' Week 18
'Finish This' Week 19
'Finish This' Week 20
'Finish This' Week 21
'Finish This' Week 23
'Finish This' Week 24
'Finish This' Week 25
'Finish This' Week 26
'Finish This' Week 27
'Finish This' Week 29
'Finish This' Week 30
'Finish This' Week 31

Bloggy Fun:

Blogger Basket Swap 2014

Celebrating Causes:

#MyHeroMom Who Is Your Hero Mom
Celebrating Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation 

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