Tuesday, July 1, 2014

'Finish This' Week 26 - Link up

It's never too late...to change! Yes this is a broad answer but it is true and simple. 

I compare myself to others... ALL THE TIME and in so many ways. From body type to how others deal with their kids to how nice others are to their spouse. Sounds silly, but I like to learn from other people's lifestyles and see if what I am doing can be improved and other times I like to pat myself on the back for doing so well. 

My personality is... FUNNY! I love to laugh and I really love to make other people laugh. I am not 'joke' funny but I am 'sarcastic on my toes' funny. Often times I find myself laughing at myself, but then other times I scratch my head when I make a funny and the person(s) doesn't get it. Sucks for them, because they missed a chance for a good giggle. 

On the flip side, put me in the middle of a crowded room where people are in their own little circles and I shut down and just pretend to focus on a picture on the wall or the wrapper on my bottle. This is where I am thankful for my husband, he can talk to anyone! 

I can... change a baby diaper in 5.5 seconds, touch my toe to my nose (not sure why I would want to do that, but I can), meet every goal given to me before the deadline date, give amazing, awesome and unbiased advice, and so much more.  

I embrace change... by sucking it up and realizing that life will go on. Change is not always fun, but it is what it is and sometimes is the best thing for everyone. 


  1. It drives me bat-sh*t crazy BONKERS when couples fight, argue, bicker in public, especially in front of their children. Last week, while eating lunch at my favorite sushi place, a young couple were arguing and across the table was GRANDMA. Hello, stop acting like fools and enjoy your time with a loved one. People are such idiots sometimes!!!!!!!

  2. I compare myself to others sometimes as well. It's hard not to at times but it is so awful to do that to yourself. Change is tough.

  3. You are a VERY funny lady my dear :) And I love your attitude about how others feel about missing a joke! So hard not to compare ourselves - we are our own worst enemies sometimes!

  4. "Suck it up" is one of the only ways I know how to deal with change!

  5. That's why I like you Aimee....you're so real and awesome!

    I stop comparing myself to others because all it leads you to is frustration. I'm a bit a sarcastic joker too.

  6. Crazy wifi at this hotel! If it shows that I posted twice, just ignore which ever one you want to! :) I think you are very funny. I'm the type that can speak to a crowd full of people, but one on one I tend to go back to those toddler days when I hid behind my mom's leg. :)

  7. Absolutely! There is so much power in realizing that we can change & make changes. And yes, you are most definitely funny! =-)

  8. Appreciating your witty, on the toes humor! I'm with you: when people don't get my smart aleck-ness, it's their loss, because I'm freaking hilarious!
    I like what you said about comparing yourself to people but also learning from them. Good point!

    1. Thanks, I love laughter! It feels so good.

  9. Holy Moly now that's a fast diaper change!!!! :-)